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Chamisul Original, the first filtered liquor with bamboo charcoal in the nation,
is pure taste liquor because it is made with affluent minerals that are processed using a bamboo charcoal refinement method.
In the 5th renewal, active bamboo charcoal, which has seven times stronger refining effect than the regular one,
is used and this method makes Chamisul original a clean and smooth tasting soju.
Chamisul Original, which is processed at 1,000°C and refined through bamboo charcoal,
has a clean taste while boasts biorhythmic cells by providing pure minerals.
Also the bamboo charcoal is known not only for eliminating any harmful substances or impurities but also for purifying water quality.

Chamisul Fresh is a natural mineral soju refined through pristine bamboo activated charcoal.
To eliminate any harmful substances or impurities,
it is a truly improved product that keeps its unique clean and fresh taste because 100% Finland crystallized glucose is used. In enhancing the effect of the natural bamboo charcoal refinement method for Chamisul Fresh,
we introduced the BCA method and marrying system, a system applied to refining whisky, to improve its quality.
It is high quality Soju made using Jinro’s technology and heart with rich ingredients, Finland crystallized glucose, and bamboo activated filtration.

It was the most popular soju brand in Korea with its highly valued and refined quality
and taste for five years until the launching of Chamjinisulro.
It uses natural quality ingredients and a high precision, 10-stage filtering system.
Jinro Gold soju is a exotic distilled spirit with clear, colorless body and smooth flavors.

Innovatively sophisticated kind of plum wine renewed to ease sweet taste pointed out
as fatal defect.
Jinro has made a refined plum “Mae Hwa Su” worth trying, which is making customer's
fixed idea that plum wine is quite expensive change, since it firstly developed and
exported the plum wine called 'Hong Sil' as a pioneer August, 1975.

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