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Jinro Donguibogam Bokbonja berry awarded the grand gold in 2009 Monde-Selection 2009-04-03

Jinro Donguibogam Bokbonja berry awarded the grand gold

in 2009 Monde-Selection- Premium JINRO

Ocheu – Grand Gold, Maehwasu – Gold medal

Jinro Donguibogam Bokbonja received the Grand Gold in

Flavored wines category in 2009 Belgiums Monde-Selection,

 Liquor and Food contest. Also, Premium Jinro Ocheu, an

exported soju sold by Jinro Japan, received Grand Gold in

Spirits & Liqueur category. At the same time Maehwasu

received Grand Gold in the flavored wines category.

Chamisul fresh, Chamisul Original and Jinro J also received Silver

 medal in the distiller category. Seoksu and Puriss, products

 of an affiliated company of Hite brewery and Jinro Group,

received gold medal and silver medal in the Beers and

soft drinks category. Monde-Selection, one of the three major

liquors fairs in the world, along with IWSC and SWSC, is headquartered

 in Belgium, has selected good products in each category

since 1961. To sweep grand gold and major medals this

year indicates that Jinro products have competitive

advantages in the international market because Jinro has received

grand gold for two straight years, along with Premium Jinro,

 grand gold winner last year. Jinro will participate in Venice,

Italy on June l next year to receive prizes of 2009 Monde-Selection.

Result of Jinro products awards
Jinro Donguibogam Bokbonja berry – Wine category – Grand Gold
Premium JINRO
(Ocheu) – Spirit & Liqueur category – Grand Gold
Maehwasu – wine category – Gold medal
Sooksu – Beer & Soft drink category – Gold medal
Chamisul fresh – Distilled category – Silver medal
Chamisul Original – Distilled category – Silver medal
Jinro J – Distilled category – Silver medal
Puriss – Beer & soft drink category – Silver medal


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