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Introduced Donguibogam Bokbonja BerryJinro introduced a new product, Donguibogam Bokbonja 2008-12-11

Berry on December 1. Jinro Donguibogam Bokbonja berry

contains fruit aroma with a clean taste and is fermented

with licensed medical ingredients and fermentation technology.

Jinro Donguibogam Bokbonja berry is especially good for

drinkers who care about their health because it contains

hawthorns, the dried fruit of the Chinese matrimony vine,

and cinnamon, which promote blood circulation and inhibit

oxidization, while preventing high blood pressure.

The taste of Jinro Donguibogam Bokbonja berry is rich because

it is made of 100% domestic Bokbonja berry using traditional

RED wine manufacturing processes.

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