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Chamisul has sold more than 14 billion bottles over the past ten years 2008-10-22

Chamisul Soju has its tenth birthday on October 19.

According to Jinro on October 20, Chamisul was launched

on October 19, 1998 and it was the first Soju, 23% alcohol

content, unlike all existing Sojus, alcohol by volume

25% at that time. Chamisul which replaced the existing

Jinro Sojus broke all records for the past ten years.

 Chamjinisulros 23% alcohol content lowered to Chamisul Originals

20.1% alcohol content in the process of renewal and

Chamisul freshs 19.5% alcohol content, launched in 2006,

has dominated the Korean Soju market, along with

Chamisul fresh. Chamisul only took two years to attract more

than a 50% share of the Korea Soju market for a single brand.

Chamisuls accumulated sales for 91 months surpassed 10

billion bottles on May 2006. Chamisul and Chamisul fresh have

sold more than 14 and 12.41 billion bottles respectively over

the last ten years, since October 1998 and Chamisul fresh,

 launched in August 2006, has sold around 1.59 billion

bottles. Mathematically, 44 bottles were sold a second, 3.84 million

bottles were sold a day, and 117 million bottles were sold a

month during the past 12 months. An average adult

 (35 million adult base) drinks 44 bottles of soju, and 718,000

 trucks (11 ton truck base) are needed to load those bottles.  

Those 14 billion bottles are equivalent to 5.04 million tons,

which would fill a COEX aquarium (2,300 tons) more than

2,191 times. When we connect the 14 billion bottles

(the height of one bottle -21.5 cm) together,

it is the same as making more than 3,516 round trips from

Seoul to Busan (the distance between the two cities is 428 km).

Chamisul has continuously evolved by lowering its alcohol

 content and connecting the effect of bamboo charcoal,

since its first introduction. The renewal product that

 lowered alcohol content launched in May this year

and seasonal Chamisul fresh summer also gained popularity

 in the soju market this summer. Jinros share of the

Korea soju market was 38% in 1999 and 55.4% in 2004, the year

 Jinro was under legal management, 51.1% in August 2008,

latest information we have available. According to president,

Yun Jong-Ung, the reason for the success of Chamisul is

figuring out customers, who prefer clean, soft and

fresh taste and Jinro develops technology to meet customer

demand. He also stated that Jinro will provide standards

 for Soju on the basis of their, tradition, technology,

and 84 years experience and promote the new product, J, as

its major brand.  

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